About Us

About Ifo Sanitär

Ifö Sanitär is the leading Nordic manufacturer and marketer of plumbing products for bathrooms and kitchens. Our business concept involves offering a complete range of bathroom and toilet accessories and worktops for kitchens and wet rooms, focusing always on customer needs. We operate in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Ifö Sanitär is part of the Geberit group, a leading player on the European bathroom market.


Our production plants

Ifö Sanitär’s biggest production plant is situated in Bromölla, and is one of the most modern factories in the world. All sanitary ware is produced here in an industrial processing environment. Major investments have been made in the plant in the 21st century, which has involved swapping old technology for state-of-the-art pressure casting technology.

Ifö Sanitär’s second production plant is situated in Mörrum, where shower products and stainless steel products are manufactured. Production here is very reminiscent of traditional engineering industry, while at the same time successful investments in technology over the past few years have led to ever-increasing automation of production.

Some important key years

1887 Ifö Kalk- och Kaolinbruk – industrial production commences

1900 Ifö Chamotte- och Kaolinfabrik AB and Ifö Cementfabrik form Iföverken

1936 Production of sanitary ware and low-flush toilets commences

1937 Iföverken is listed on the Stock Exchange

1967 Ifö becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Skånska Cement, which later becomes the Euroc group.

1976 Iföverken is split into five independent companies; Ifö Sanitär, Ifö Electric Högspänning, Ifö Electric Lågspänning, Ifö Kampri and Ifö Teknik.

1981 Ifö Sanitär and Ifö Kampri become what is now Ifö Sanitär

1982 Wärtsilä in Finland acquires Ifö Sanitär from Euroc

1998 Sanitec is listed on the Stock Exchange in Finland

2001 Investment group BC Partners purchases the Sanitec group

2002 A technological shift takes place at the sanitation plant in Bromölla

2003 Region Sanitec North is formed

2005 Sanitec is acquired by venture capital company EQT

2013 In December, Sanitec is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Sweden

2015 Sanitec is acquired by the Swiss group Geberit